John Stoeck, Principal, founded Regeneration Design in 2001. He graduated in 1997 from the University of Washington with a Master of Architecture degree and a bachelor's degree of Architecture in 1988.

Our design philosophy is both client-centered and site specific. The dialogue between client, architect and site seeks to find design solutions that best reflect each client's stylistic interests and budget constraints.

Each project is unique and our goal is to find the most sustainable path for each project. We particularly value incorporating environmentally sustainable elements into the design whenever the scope of work allows.

Our work is firmly grounded in the present with an eye towards the future and a respect for the past. Our work strives to be compelling, relevant and meaningful in form and function.

We also strive to be contextual, acknowledging both the existing built structure and natural elements of each site.


As part of our process, we often work with other professionals such as interior designers and contractors. Recent work includes a collaboration with Larry Hooke Interior Design (Broadmoor House).


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